Dr. Roger F Roberts, Suntricity Chairman


AGM News

During 2010, the company has grown in all dimensions.  The number of shareholders have gone from 7 to 27.

Suntricity’s Intellectual Property has advanced and the company’s value has increased as reflected in the independent vlauation prepared by RwE.

The Board and the Core Executive leadership of the company has been restructured with the future in mind.  This restructuring is reflected in the appointment of Carl Marchetto as President and the election of Admiral Richard Truly to the Board.

Independent assessments confirm we are unique in industry and ahead of competitors in the drive to develop a low cost PV cell manufacturing process.

The company has explored several funding and liquidity event possibilities; through this trial process we have learned a lot.  We have prepared first class documents for the next steps, including a Business Plan, CIM and Power Point briefings that characterize the company.  This exercise has resulted in a deep market analysis, the targeting of strategic partners and identifying numerous B2B customer-partners.

During 2010 we have significantly matured as a company with an excellent outlook for 2011.  We have validated that our marketplace business model is sound.  2011 will be a critical year as we access captial markets, consummate strategic partnerships, mature our IP and develop a pilot production line.

Board nominations resulted in the re-election of the exisitng Directors.  Admiral Richard Truly was nominated and elected.  As there was no new business, the AGM was adjourned.

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